Anonymous asked:

Who runs this beary good blog?


Howdy howdy howdy!

We’ve had quite a lineup of members over the years we’ve been running but currently we’ve got three members

  • There’s me, the guy writing this answer, and the guy that started this blog like 5 years ago, and you can find me here
  • Alienspacebats was a founding member as well
  • Abandonlight used to be a follower and is an all round awesome person

and that’s us right now.

We apologize if we’re not always constantly updating but you know everyone lives crazy lives and stuff. We do our best and remember you can always submit stuff or ask us stuff!


Theodor Kittelsen, Dance in the Moonlight

(via untilthelighttakeus)


Digital painting study of a sun bear
They are the weirdest fucking bear ever.

Got this done surprisingly fast.